350 S Highway 74
Peachtree City, GA 30269




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  • Nonemergency Dispatch: 770-461-HELP (4357)
  • Phone Tip Line: 770-487-6010
  • Crime Tips

Name Title Email Phone
Brown, LT. Mark Administrative Services Commander 770-632-4112
Lacourly, OFC. Monica J.C. Booth Middle School Resource Officer  
Smilley, OFC. Paul DARE Officer, All Elementary Schools  
Ward, Michelle Administrative Coordinator 770-487-8866
Myers, AC Matt Assistant Chief of Police 770-487-8866
Williams, LT. Brad Criminal Investigations Commander 770-487-8866
Ralls, LT. Ken C.R.T. Lieutenant 770-487-8866
Moon, Chief Janet Chief of Police 770-487-8866
Crider, LT. Kay Support Services Commander 770-487-8866
Eden, SGT. Brian Patrol Sergeant 770-487-8866
Milstein, SGT. Brad Training Coordinator 770-487-8866
McDowell, LT. Jamie Patrol Lieutenant 770-487-8866
Hyatt, LT. Chris Patrol Lieutenant 770-487-8866
Brown, SGT. Kevin Community Outreach Officer 770-487-8866
Brown, Quartermaster Chris Quartermaster 770-487-8866
Jantosciak, Staff Asst. Lori CID Staff Assistant 770-487-8866
Shebelski, Staff Asst. Suzanne G.C.I.C. Tac Coordinator 770-487-8866
Smith, EC Mary Evidence & Property Custodian 770-487-8866
Questions, Public Information   770-487-8866
Hall, SA Martha Open Records 770-487-8866
Orona, SGT. Jared Traffic Services, C.R.T. 770-487-8866
Weathersby, OFC. Brandon SRO McIntosh High School