How can I get a copy of a report or an accident report?

Obtain a Copy of a Report About Yourself

Click here to access NextRequest open records request.  If you want an unredacted copy of your report, please submit your photo ID.

Accident reports are obtained by going directly to  NOTE: Do not enter a "-" (dash) when entering your case number. For example, if your case number is 23-12345, enter "2312345":  This is for only public roadway collision reports. Private property collision reports will have to be obtained by the same procedures listed on this webpage.

I want to submit an open records request for information on someone other than myself.

Click here to access NextRequest open records request.   Please be very specific in the information you are attempting to obtain. Include correct names, dates, addresses, and any other personal information. Personal information of individuals listed in the report may be redacted. A Staff Assistant will contact you with the cost of this service.

If you have any questions regarding a records request, please use the portal in NextRequest for your question, or email us at  

For any questions regarding a police media requests, please email us at

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