How do I hire an off duty officer to provide security or traffic control for my event?

Requirement and Requests for Extra Duty Police Officers & Auxiliary Police Officers

Special events are important to local governments for many reasons, including the public enjoyment, a sense of community, and revenue for local businesses.  Effective security and traffic control is a critical feature of these events.  The Police Department is responsible for receiving, evaluating, recommending, and providing security and traffic services for all organized events within the City.

Police Officers are also available to provide traffic control on public streets for events that draw additional vehicular, bicycle, parking, and pedestrian traffic.  Police officers are limited to performing only law enforcement related functions at your event.  Some specific duties that police officers are prohibited from performing include:

  1. Ticket taking or seat ushering;
  2. Carding or identifying individuals to determine their status and right to attend the event;
  3. Collection of any money;
  4. Parking assistance in parking lots or reserving parking for event staff or visitors;
  5. Enforcement of management rules.  Officers will only assist in the event that event coordinator requests the removal of a person.

In addition to being able to provide police officers for special events, the department is equipped with an Auxiliary Police Force.  The Peachtree City Auxiliary Police Force is a volunteer organization of well-trained civilians who work hand and hand with police officers providing services similar to what a security guard is capable of doing for your event with the added benefit of having direct radio access to the Police Department.   The Auxiliary Police Force can provide security for an event in which physical intervention may be required such as large gatherings. 

Peachtree City Auxiliary Police Force can provide a security presence to protect such things as equipment, displays, and facilities.  They wear distinct uniforms, carry police radios, and have similarly equipped patrol vehicles.  The Police Auxiliary is trained in Police Department policies, and will notify the Peachtree City Police in the event that police services are required.  A few of the services that the Police Auxiliary can perform at your Special Event include:

Traffic control:  limited to the closing of streets and parking lot areas.  Auxiliary Police officers are often utilized to supplement police officers at intersections requiring 2 or more police officers.

General Security:  provide for a general visual deterrent. 

Police Officers are billed on a 4-hour minimum rate:

Security = $30/hr

Traffic Control (low impact) = $35 per hour

Traffic Control (high impact) = $40 per hour

Traffic Control (under an hour) = $40.00 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

Holiday Security or Holiday Traffic Control = $40 per hour (Holidays include Christmas Day/Eve, Father’s/Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving/Black Friday)

Movie Production (Security or Traffic) = $40 per hour

Auxiliary Police Officers:

Auxiliary Police Officers customarily receive a donation of $150.00 per event.  A donation is not required, but is appreciated as it allows the Auxiliary Police to support the department on all areas of mutual concern.  The Peachtree City Police Department Auxiliary Force is a not for profit organization which provides support to numerous organizations within the department that support the community.  Any use of or donation to the Auxiliary Police is tax deductible.  Thorough research and planning substantially reduces unsafe conditions and unnecessary expenditures at special events.  This occurs when the event requires services beyond the capabilities of the normal police patrol shift.  The police department will base the need for Police Officers and Auxiliary Police Officers by employing a special events risk factors and staff matrix, and after consultation with the Chief of Police.  For this reason, it is critical for event organizers to disclose all known risk factors to the Peachtree City Police during the planning stage of the event.  Negligent or intentional omissions or disclosures of information that negatively impacts safety will result in re-calculation of increased security cost necessary to protect life and The Police Department generally looks at special events at three different risk levels.  Those levels are identified as low, medium, and high. Each event has factors attached that may increase or decrease the risk level which affect staffing.

Although you can request a Police Officer, in order to ensure the safety of Peachtree City Police and your event attendees, the Police Department reserves the right to make the ultimate determination on the number of personnel assigned to your event.  For example, a minimum of two officers are required for any event needing police services where alcohol is being served.  If your event requires four police officers, a supervisor will be assigned to the event.

 We are here to make your event as successful and safe as possible.  If you have any questions regarding Special Events and Extra Duty Officer please contact Lt. Mark Brown at 770-632-4112, or

Link to Extra Duty Employment Vendor Permit

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