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Does the library take donations?

The Peachtree City Library ONLY accepts donations that are IN GOOD CONDITION. The library accepts hardbacks, paperbacks, audio books, music CD's, and Dvd's. 

The Library DOES NOT accept:

  • Any item that is mildewed, smoky, wet, without a cover, and/or otherwise damaged.
  • Any item that has been in storage/basements/attics for a significant period of time.
  • Informational books published before 2015.
  • Items that are cracked, broken, or missing parts.
  • Items that are written in or defaced
  • VHS or Cassettes
  • Encyclopedia Sets
  • Textbooks
  • Magazines

These items can be donated to local charity's and/or churches such as, Better Way Ministries, Clothes Less Traveled, or placed in the green Better World Book Bin at the Keep Peachtree City Beautiful Recycling Center at McIntosh Trail. Proceeds from Better World Books benefit literacy programs through out the United States.

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