Why can't I burn today?

There are many factors in the decision process as to whether or not burning is allowed.  

  • Rain or heavy overcast will not allow smoke to rise and dissipate, creating a nuisance. 
  • On days after a a period of rain, fuels may be too wet to burn adequately causing an excessive amount of smoke.  
  • Forecast winds of 15 MPH or more can create a danger of fire spreading from blowing embers.  This is an especially big concern in areas bordering greenbelts where there is an ample amount of fuel that could cause a significant wildfire to develop.  
  • Low relative humidity, less than 25%, which can develop in the afternoon in cold dry weather.  Low humidity causes fuels to dry quickly,  creating an unusually high risk of fire spread even with low or no wind.  

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1. Why can't I burn today?
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