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Posted on: April 22, 2019

Peachtree City looks at Access & Mobility on Hwy 54 East of Highway 74

Hwy 54 E Study

Peachtree City looks at Access & Mobility on Hwy 54 East of Highway 74

At the April 18 City Council Meeting, City Manager Jon Rorie gave a presentation regarding the Highway 54 Corridor beginning at Highway 74 and moving east/northeast to the city limits and slightly beyond.

The study analyzes traffic movements and accident data at all the intersections from Commerce Drive (Westpark) to Sumner Road East (in Unincorporated Fayette County) and makes recommendations for various intersection improvements over time to preserve mobility on the highway.  

Recommendations (listed on P. 20 of the report) include 

1.    Closing the median break at Hwy 54 and Commerce Drive (Right-In/Right-Out only)

2.    Building a new road connection between Westpark and Northlake Drive

3.    Adding right turn lanes at Hwy 54/Northlake Drive/Willobend W Intersection.

4.    Extending left turn lanes at Hwy 54/Northlake/Willowbend W

5.    Extend the northbound left turn lane at Hwy 54/Northlake/Willowbend W

6.    Convert the southbound approach on Flat Creek Road to include a dedicated left turn lane and shared through & right turn lane.

7.    Widen the northbound of Willobend Road (East at Flat Creek) to include separate left, through, and straight lanes

8.    Extend the eastbound left turn lane on Hwy 54 at Flat Creek/Willow Road E

9.    Extend the westbound left turn lane on Hwy 54 at Flat Creek/Willow Road E

10.    Convert existing median cut east of Flat Creek/Willowbend to an R-Cut and remove westbound U-Turn

11.    Consider adding northbound and southbound right turn lanes on Peachtree Pkwy at Hwy 54

12.    Convert existing intersection with Dan Lakly Drive to an R-Cut

13.    Convert existing intersection with Petrol Point to an R-Cut

14.    Consider converting existing intersection with Governors Square to an R-Cut

15.    Consider converting the intersection with Sumner Rd E to an R-Cut

The study focused on transportation projects that address safety, capacity, and accessibility along the corridor and recommended projects to improve traffic conditions and preserve capacity.  Ultimately, the City of Peachtree City cannot implement any of the projects on its own, and will need to coordinate with Fayette County for intersections outside the City Limits and with the GDOT, who owns and maintains the highway.  

The City had a similar study done for Hwy 54 W in 2014, and the Highway 74 Gateway Coalition had one done last year for Highway 74 north of Highway 54.   

View April 18 Presentation (PDF) . . .
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