COVID-19 Alerts

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March 16, 2020 12:01 PM

PTC Event Cancellations

Please see below.

In consideration of the latest information and expert opinions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision has been made to cancel all events taking place on city property effective immediately through April 30, 2020.

This decision comes after city officials, event organizers, and partners determined this to be the safest course of action with the health and safety of our attendees and community in mind. It is the priority of Peachtree City to always have the best interest of our residents and visitors at the forefront of these decisions.

Peachtree City strives to keep you updated with timely and accurate information regarding rescheduling or changes to any canceled or upcoming events taking place in our community. Please be sure to continue to monitor the efforts of Visit Peachtree City and Peachtree City Government by visiting,, or on Facebook @VisitPeachtreeCity and for these updates.

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