Code Enforcement FAQ's

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions - Code Enforcement

1. How do I file a complaint?

Complaints can be filed in multiple ways. You can call the Code Enforcement Hotline, which is 770-631-2588 Option #2, then 2. You can also call the Peachtree City Police Department at 770-487-8866 and ask to be connected to Code Enforcement, or you can email code enforcement.

2. Can I remain anonymous?

Yes! Code enforcement complaints can be made anonymously; however, we will not be able to get back with you if we need any additional information regarding the specifics of the complaint or let you know if the issue is in fact not an ordinance violation.

3. Do the ordinances only apply to the areas of my property that can be seen from the road?

No! Ordinances that are enforced upon private properties within the City are applicable to the entire property. For instance, a violation of high grass and weeds is not simply for the front yard -- it includes the front, sides, and rear. The codes are intended to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens and visitors of the City -- they are not purely for aesthetic purposes.

4. Can I park my car in the yard for just a couple of hours?

The simple answer is no. This ordinance is applicable 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

5. Is parking on the street a City Ordinance violation?

No it is not a City Ordinance violation, but it may be a deed/covenant restriction in some subdivisions. If you believe it to be a safety hazard, contact the Police Department.

6. How tall can my grass be?

Peachtree City ordinance states that grass/weeds can be no taller than eight (8) inches in height in the front, sides, and rear of the property.

7. Can you make my neighbors rake their leaves, cut their shrubs or cut down a tree?

No. There are no ordinances that cover these issues.

8. Can I have my RV/Camper at my home to load/unload or clean/repair?

Campers and RVs, as well as boats and trailers are not allowed to be at the front or side of a residential zoning lot. We do understand that you may need to have these items at your residence for a short period of time to properly prepare for or finish up a trip. We do allow a day on either side of the trip for this to take place. We would appreciate if you called the Code Enforcement Hotline at 770-631-2588 (220) to let us know. This can avoid you being given a notice for non-compliance.

9. Can Family/Friends visit with their RVs? Can they stay in them?

Yes, you can have guest who have an RV for a limited amount of time. These RVs must be able to stay in your driveway. A call to the Code Enforcement Hotline 770-631-2588 (220) to obtain an RV exemption is required. NO ONE CAN STAY IN AN RV/CAMPER. Our zoning ordinances state that visitors must be able to stay in the main dwelling.

10. What happens if I do not comply?

Code Enforcement Officers in the City of Peachtree City are sworn officers of the court. This gives them the authority to write citations to Peachtree City Municipal Court. Fines in court can be as high as $1,000.00. Additional penalties, such as community service and even up to six months in jail, may also apply.