Yard Sales

Yard Sale Signs

The City ordinance does not permit any signs in the right-of-way. Yard Sale signs are only permitted on private property.  Please make sure your Yard Sale signs are placed on private property or they may be confiscated by Code Enforcement. 

Standard informational signs, such as yard sale signs, must be made out of rigid plastic, cardboard, or wood and attached to the ground with a metal or wooden stake.  They may not be attached to light poles or phone poles.  They can be no more than 5 feet tall and the aggregate area of all signs on one property may be no more than 16 square feet.  

There are no time limits on how long a sign can be posted.  Please keep in mind that some HOA covenants may supersede these standards.  

Yard Sale Listing

The free Peachtree City Magazine App publishes Peachtree City's weekly yard sales, and is available in the App Store for both Android and iPhone:

Deed Covenants

Official Deed Covenants should be recorded with the deed at Fayette County Superior Court. Peachtree City provides access to the covenants we have been provided by neighborhoods for general reference purposes. These covenants are subject to change through formal updating by the respective Homeowner Associations. Please obtain copies for official use via the Fayette County Superior Court.

Neighborhood covenants are agreements among private property owners and cannot be enforced by Code Enforcement. More information on the difference between Ordinance and Covenants.