Relocating to PTC

What To Know If You Are Relocating To Peachtree City

If you are a business owner or executive considering building or relocating a business, Peachtree City is the perfect place to consider.

Why consider Peachtree City?

Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • Location. Located just a few minutes south of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Peachtree City is convenient to busy traveling clients.Peachtree City is far enough away from the gridlock and stress of Atlanta, but close enough to allow you to tap into the metro Atlanta market without the associated stresses.
  • Tax Benefits. Peachtree City's Industrial Park has been named a "Tier 1" area by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.This designation is unique for a community like Peachtree City, as it provides significant tax incentives for job creation while still maintaining our recognized quality of life.Add our Foreign Trade Zone status to that, and there are even greater advantages for a business to relocate here!
  • Land and Facilities. Peachtree City's Industrial Park has a variety of land and building options located in both the Industrial Park and in several smaller office parks through each of the villages.From Class "A" office space to a full warehouse and factory facilities, Peachtree City has it.While the Industrial Park is thriving, there are still several undeveloped parcels of land available for a business to create a site just perfectly suited for their operation.
  • Amenities. From fiber optic internet access to CSX railroad access to proximity to the Interstates, Peachtree City is connected!Peachtree City's Industrial Park also boasts a Foreign Trade Zone, making Peachtree City a hub for global trade. In 2011, Business Insider named Peachtree City's Fayette County as one of 20 micropolitan areas that meet certain demographic requirements for a budding technology economy. These factors include a high level of broadband accessibility, a sizable workforce (in relative terms), a vibrant local economy, and the presence of a small college or university
  • Quality of Life. Peachtree City is more than just a great place to run a business. Our world renowned quality of life is one of the greatest advantages when it comes to considering a relocation or startup.From the environmentally friendly path system to the emphasis on natural beauty to the small town atmosphere so close to all the excitement of Atlanta, Peachtree City has proven to be the destination of choice for nearly half a century.Just ask some of our residents, who have come from all 50 states and around the world!
  • Reputation. Strong companies like World Airways and Cooper Lighting have their headquarters in Peachtree City.Major global manufacturers like Panasonic, Avenuery Dennison, Alcan Packaging, NCR, TDK and Hoshizaki have all called Peachtree City home for many years.The FAA, National Weather Service and Department of Defense all have prime office space in Peachtree City.Companies like these know that Peachtree City is right for their workforce and right for their success.
  • Work force. Peachtree City is located in one of the fastest growing areas of Georgia.Nearly 1 million people live within a 30 minute drive of Peachtree City, and that number grows every day.The area south of Atlanta is home to vibrant universities and colleges, and Fayette County is consistently at the top of the rankings for education.From Peachtree City, you can also tap into the labor markets from both metro Atlanta and from the greater Columbus/LaGrange area, a simple hour's drive from Peachtree City.

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