Fight Graffiti

GraffitiIllegal, Unsightly, & Expensive to Remove

The Peachtree City Police Department is committed to ridding our community of graffiti - but we need your help to do it.

A Crime That Affects Us All

It can lower property values, make people feel unsafe, reduce business, impact the aesthetics of our streets and Graffitirecreational paths, and can encourage other types of crime including gang activity. Reinforce pride in our community by keeping our neighborhoods, businesses and recreational paths graffiti-free.

Negative Impacts

Graffiti vandals have no respect for private or public property and no regard for the negative impacts of their actions. Their aim is to impress their peers and strengthen their reputations by putting their graffiti tags in as many places as possible. Graffiti that is left intact attracts more graffiti. It also suggests a community that does not care or is unable to deal with the problem.

How does Graffiti Hurt?

  • Property Value - According to the National Association of Realtors, properties located in neighborhoods where there is graffiti vandalism lose 15% of their value.
  • Safety - Patrons of buildings, parks, or public facilities where graffiti vandalism has occurred may feel that if graffiti is tolerated, then more serious crimes, such as theft and assault, may also go unchallenged.
  • Clean-Up-Cost - According to the U.S. Department of Justice, "an estimated $12 billion a year is spent cleaning up graffiti in the United States."

How You Can Help

You can help the Peachtree City Police Department stay on top of graffiti and vandalism by being alert and taking measures to prevent it. If it does occur, make sure it is reported as quickly as possible. If you can do so safely, get vehicle tag numbers, golf cart registration numbers, descriptions for identification purposes, and most importantly contact the Peachtree City Police Department Stop Graffiti Program.

Graffiti Reporting

The more accurate information we have, the faster we can get involved and have the graffiti cleaned.

  • Address or location of graffiti
  • Your name and telephone number
  • Your address
  • Eye-witness information
  • Type of graffiti
  • Items left behind
  • Offender description
  • Vehicle/Golf Cart description

If you see graffiti, please contact us via email with the location of the graffiti so we can remediate it. If the graffiti is offensive, please call 770-461-HELP so an officer can immediately remediate the graffiti.