Citizen and Junior Police Academy

Citizen’s Police Academy

Police organizations throughout the United States are presenting citizen police academy programs as a means of improving police-community relations. Beginning in 1992, the Peachtree City Police Department has been presenting such citizen police academies. The Citizen Police Academy is designed to provide Peachtree City residents, business owners and other city employees with basic information about the police profession and the daily operations of the Peachtree City Police Department.

The ultimate objective is to establish and maintain positive communications, and develop a partnership between the Community and Police Department through training and education. The Citizen Police Academy is a ten week course, free of charge and open to the first 30 accepted applicants who are residents, business owners, or employees with the City of Peachtree City. Applicants must be 18 years of age and older.

Class Orientation and Welcome Participants are introduced to the Academy Staff and fellow classmates. The Chief of Police and his command staff are introduced. State Certification and National Accreditation will be discussed. Light refreshments are available for participants and staff. A tour of the facility and a brief history of our department will be presented by the Chief.

Officer Survival/Mechanics of Arrest

Techniques involving officer survival are discussed. Student will view videotapes regarding officer shootings and survival techniques. Participants will perform practical exercises searching rooms and buildings. Domestic disputes will also be discussed within this block of instruction. The FATS Simulator will be utilized during this section of the academy. This simulator will place participants in shoot-don’t-shoot situations. Students are also introduced to proper handcuffing techniques, as well as the use of force continuum.

Criminal Investigations Division/Crime Scene Processing

Members of the Criminal Investigation Division present this course. Participants will be exposed to the structure of the Investigative Division as well as interview techniques, investigative tactics and available resources. Juvenile offenses will be discussed during this block of instruction. Techniques for crime scene processing and evidence gathering are discussed. Participants will conduct a practical exercise processing a mock crime scene.

Drug Identification/Awareness

Participants will be introduced to the different drugs that affect our community. Topics included will be drug recognition and intervention programs. The class will be supplemented by a variety of visual aides.

Traffic laws/Traffic Investigations/DUI Investigations

Participants are introduced to the Georgia Motor Vehicle Law. Other topics that are presented will include traffic direction, vehicle pullovers, officer safety and pursuits actions and officer responsibilities.

The laws regarding DUI cases are discussed along with techniques officers use in determining if a driver is safe to operate a motor vehicle. Fatal Vision simulations will be utilized for this block of instruction.

Special Response Team Operations

The Special Response Team Members of the Peachtree City Police Department will discuss their responsibilities and tactical operations abilities. A field demonstration is provided.

Communications 911 Center/Graduation

911 Center operations are discussed. Participants are given a tour of the communications center and will see how emergency calls are received, processed and dispatched.

Applications for the Citizens Police Academy can be found by clicking here.  If you have any further questions, please contact Sergeant Courtney Lumpkin via email or at 770-487-8866 for additional information.

Junior Police Academy (June 12 - 16, 2023 and June 26 - 30, 2023)

In addition to the Adult Citizen’s Police Academy, the department offers a junior version called the Junior Police Academy. We are pleased to offer this course at various times during the year.

Two JPA programs will be held this summer.  The first JPA will be on Monday, June 12th to Friday, June 16th from 8:30 A.M-3:00 P.M. The second JPA program will be Monday, June 26th to Friday, June 30th from 8:30 A.M.-3:00 P.M. The JPA is open for teens ages 11 to 16.  Application deadline April 3, 2022.  The format of the class is similar to the Citizen’s Police Academy as described above.  If you have any additional questions, please contact Officer Paul Smilley  at

Click here for a Junior Police Academy application