Notary, Witness, & Certifications Services

The City of Peachtree City provides notary services to assist the public with filing documents requiring notarization by the City. These services are provided for the following approved fees: 

  • 1st page of signatures Free
  • Each Additional Signature (Notary or Witness) $2.00
  • Cash or local, personal check only.

Notary & Witness Services

Peachtree City employees can only notarize and attest to the authenticity of signatures performed in their presence with appropriate photographic identification.

Notaries and witnesses cannot attest to documents requiring confirmation of competence, legal citizenship, or other requirements for outside agencies.

Each Notary is individually licensed through the Georgia Superior Court System and responsible to that agency for all notarial acts. Therefore, each notary may, at his or her discretion, refuse to notarize documents based on the belief that identification provided is inadequate or the form provided requires attestation to more than the simple identity of the signatory.

Certified Copies

City of Peachtree City staff can only certify copies of documents created and maintained by the City of Peachtree City. All certified copies should be obtained from the agency issuing the original documents. These include: Birth & Death Certificates Georgia Department of Health

If you are interested in becoming a Notary Public, please contact the Superior Court in your county of residence. Visit the Fayette County Clerk of Superior Court webpage.