Treatment Facilities

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

The Peachtree City Water & Sewerage Authority operates two wastewater treatment facilities with a combined treatment capacity of six million gallons per day. Both facilities use the Activated Sludge Process for the removal of pollutants. Activated Sludge refers to the process of "farming" microorganisms by providing food and air. The microorganisms treat the wastewater through biological and chemical processes.

Line Creek WWTF

Located at 100 Aviation Way

Line Creek plant - a Carousel Plant Design - is capable of treating two million gallons of sewage per day. After the activated sludge treatment, the solids are separated from the water in the final clarifiers. Further treatment by filtration and Ultra Violet Disinfection complete the process. See below for a process flow diagram.

Line Creek

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit for our facility allows for the treated water from this facility to be beneficially re-used. This means that the water must meet very high quality standards for wastewater. The pH must be between 6.0 and 9.0 standard units; the Total Suspended Solids must be 5 mg/l or less; Biochemical Oxygen Demand may be no greater than 5 mg/l; Fecal Coliform Bacteria must be 23 colonies per 100ml or less, and turbidity may be no greater than 3 NTU.

Water treated to this level is acceptable for use in a variety of ways. Currently the treated water is used to maintain irrigation pond levels for Planterra Ridge Golf Course. This re-use helps the health of the receiving stream (Line Creek) in two ways - first, the volume demand from irrigation systems that normally would be put on the stream in the summer months when the stream's flow is low has been eliminated. More water is staying in the stream. Second, the stream does not have to assimilate the wastewater discharge. Line Creek is left undisturbed

Rockaway WWTF

Located at 1127 Highway 74 South

Rockaway plant - a Sequencing Batch Reactor Plant - is designed to treat four million gallons per day. All of the treatment processes take place in one tank. The sequences are coordinated through a Programmable Logic Controller. After the aeration / mixing, settling and decant phases, the effluent is filtered and disinfected with Ultra Violet Light. The discharge flows into Line Creek. See below for a process flow diagram.

Rockaway plant

Both treatment facilities generate sludge or biosolids. This sludge is rich in nutrients and organic matter. It is an ideal substance for soil ammendment. After processing through composting, offensive organic matter and pathogenic organisms have been reduced. The end product is a valuable soil ammender adding both organics and nutrients back into the soil.

Sludge for soil