GIS - Mapping

Peachtree City's mapping and Geographic Information Systems (or GIS) functions fall under Information Technology. The department is responsible for the creation and maintenance of base mapping layers and the coordination and integration of data from various city applications into spatially referenced information for use by City departments. The GIS functions of the City also provide assistance in creating maps for publication and distribution throughout the City.

The City has several data layers that it maintains, including:

  • Street Centerlines and Addressing Information
  • Fire Hydrant Locations
  • Cart Path locations
  • Zoning and Land Use Information
  • Impervious Surface Layers
  • Stormwater Structure Inventory

The City provides an Interactive Zoning Map.

Parcel and tax information is available from the Fayette County Tax Assessor's Office. Fayette County also provides an interactive tax parcel mapping application on the website.

Path System Maps