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Records Custodian

The City Charter, Section 2.14. designates the City Clerk as the custodian of city records.

Open Records Requests

The City of Peachtree City recognizes that it is conducting the public’s business, and is entrusted with documents and information belonging to the public. Many documents, such as City Council meeting minutes, are available on this website. Often, citizens with questions do not need to file an open records request and can call or email City Hall to obtain the information they are seeking. However, sometimes a formal Open Records Request is necessary.


Per state law, the City charges for staff time and copies associated with an Open Records Request. If you submit an Open Records Request, an estimate will be provided to you prior to incurring any costs, and you will be given the opportunity to accept the costs or modify your request to reduce the charges.


The City of Peachtree City does not require an official form for submitting an Open Records Request. Click here to access NextRequest to complete an open records request.  Please be very specific in the information you are attempting to obtain. Include correct names, dates, addresses, and any other personal information. The personal information of individuals listed in the report may be redacted. A Staff Assistant will contact you with the cost of this service. You may email the request to the City Clerk’s Office - list the documents you are requesting and provide your name and contact information. When listing documents, please be as specific as possible to avoid excess costs.

The City has three business days to determine if the requested documents are open records and to provide access to the documents, or to provide a time schedule for making them available. The City will provide open records as quickly as possible.

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