Paths and golf carts

2019 Golf Cart Renewals

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Non-Resident Annual Renewals

Non-resident renewals for 2020 will be mailed out in November 28 and are due by January 31, 2029. The new BLUE supplemental stickers will be valid until January 31, 2021. Non-residents pay the $15 annual registration PLUS a $150 path user fee. A $20 late fee will apply to all late renewals.

New Cart Registration & Transfers

Those registering a new cart must call or visit City Hall (770-487-7657). Links to the registration and transfer forms are included below.

Resident Renewals

The 3-year renewal notices for 2020 - 2022, totalling $45, were mailed in October 2019 and are due by December 31, 2019.

Sticker Placement:

Please place the YELLOW resident stickers to the left of the existing white, numbered decals (one sticker on each side of the cart). The 1-Year stickers (BLUE for 2020) are placed below the white numbered decals. 


Sticker Display Both 2020

About our paths

Peachtree City's hallmark is its 100-mile network of multi-use paths for pedestrians, cyclists, and golf carts. Peachtree City residents can go from neighborhood to shopping centers, schools, and parks through the wooded scenery that makes Peachtree City special. Select from the forms and information links below to find out all you need to know about Peachtree City's most popular recreation and transportation amenity. Golf cart on one of Peachtree City’s pathsPath system rules and requirements brochure (PDF)


All carts must have a WHITE Peachtree City numbered decal and a valid color renewal sticker (resident GREEN or non-resident RED for 2019) and have the correct owner information on file. Cart owners must register within 10 days of cart purchase and notify the City of any changes in ownership or owner contact information within 10 business days.

Registering A Cart

To register a cart with Peachtree City, you will need the completed Registration Form (PDF) along with proof of ownership (sales receipt or release from previous owner), photo ID, and the fee (see below). Carts will only be registered to owners who are age 18 or older.

To transfer a previously owned cart to the new owner, please complete the Ownership Transfer Form (PDF). A $15 Transfer Fee applies along with the pro-rated Non-Resident fee for those living outside Peachtree City. Carts must be registered within 10 days of purchase. A $20 late fee applies, along with any fines issued by the Municipal Court Judge. Registered cart owners are responsible for notifying the City of the sale of the cart or removal of decals within 10 days (Cart Release Form (PDF)), and must notify the City within 60 days of moving (Change of Address Form (PDF)). A $20 late fee applies, along with any fines issued by the Municipal Court Judge. 


Decal = $15 per year (Resident Stickers Valid through 2019)

2020 Fee = $45

2021 Fee = $30

2022 Fee = $15

Transfer = $15

Outside City - $150 per year - those who live outside Peachtree City limits and do not pay Peachtree City property taxes must also pay a $150 per year user fee for the path system. The fee is prorated by quarter for the first year of registration. Bills are mailed annually to the owner of record. Total registration & fee = $165 per year.

Low Speed Vehicles

Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) must be tagged through the Fayette County Tag Office and may only be driven by licensed drivers. All LSVs must have an amber strobe light acquired from the Georgia Department of Driver Safety (DDS). DDS Strobe Light Application (PDF)

What is coming? Check out the latest information on Peachtree City's Multi-Use Path Master Plan and the upcoming paving schedule.