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Emergency Medical Services

Advanced Life Support Ambulances

We operate five Advanced Life Support Ambulances (one at each Fire Station). Dr. Christa Springston, MD serves as our Medical Director.

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Ambulance Response

Ambulances respond based upon proximity to the call and the number of patients. A Fire Engine also responds when it is closer to the call location than is the Ambulance. Each Ambulance is staffed with two Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), at least one of whom is a Paramedic. If an Engine or the Squad responds, it provides two additional certified crew members. If necessary based on the severity of the incident, additional paid or volunteer personnel may respond.

Supplies and Equipment

Responding Engines carry Automatic External Defibrillators and selected Advanced Life Support supplies and equipment. Each Ambulance carries an array of Advanced Life Support equipment and medications to treat a wide range of medical and trauma-related emergencies. When medically necessary evacuation by helicopter is available via Air Methods which are based at two local area airports.


Each Ambulance is able to communicate with the receiving hospital by radio and telephone. They also carry advanced telemetry for transmitting 12 lead EKG's. The receiving hospital may be Piedmont Fayette Hospital or one of more than a dozen other hospitals around the Atlanta area to which we routinely transport patients. Selection of a receiving hospital is based upon medical circumstances, the capabilities of particular hospitals at that given time, and the patient's transport preference.

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