2023 Project 35- Drake Field Restrooms

Project Number: 35

Category: Recreation

Location: Drake Field

Estimated Cost: $500,000

Project Description: Drake Field is one of the most popular parks in Peachtree City. It is used for a wide and varying array of events. It is the host of most City-sponsored events including Hometown Holidays, Fall Festival, and Sunset Sounds, to name a few. It is also used by various civic organizations to host events such as the Dragon Boat Festival, Night Market, Hispanic Heritage Festival, and Italian Heritage Festival. When not being used for events, Drake Field is a popular place for residents to exercise, walk, enjoy views of Lake Peachtree, and throw balls/frisbee. For all of its popularity, Drake Field does not currently feature a permanent restroom structure. The City provides a restroom trailer during city events. This proposed project would allocate funds to design and construct a restroom facility for Drake Field. The design goal is to have the facility match the look of the beautiful pavilion already located at Drake Field. 

Proposed Photo:
Project 35