2023 Project 26- Replace Skid Steer

Project Status: 

Category: Paths

Location: Public Works

Estimated Cost: $75,000

Project Description: As part of paving operations, our crews rely heavily on skid steers. They are the equipment that is used to tear out the old asphalt from existing paths and load our dump trucks to haul the old asphalt away. They are also used to clear forested areas for new paths. They are imperative for operations because they can get to places that bigger pieces of equipment cannot. These skid steers are used year-round to meet our goal of paving 10 miles of path per year. It is imperative that our skid steers be in good operational order while crews are working on path projects. Our skid steers are replaced on a regular cycle to guarantee operational efficiencies. This new skid steer would replace a 2011 skid steer with 3,120 hours. The old skid steer would be placed in reserve or surplus.Project 26