2023 Project 25- Replace 750 Dump Truck

Project Status: 

Category: Paths

Location: Public Works

Estimated Cost: $115,000

Project Description:

As part of paving operations, our crews rely heavily on dump trucks. Not only to haul asphalt to our spreaders for paving but also to carry away old asphalt for recycling. They also transport dirt, rock, tree debris, etc. These dump trucks are used year-round to meet our goal of paving 10 miles of path per year. It is imperative that our dump trucks be in good operational order while crews are working on path projects. The rate at which our paths are paved is heavily determined by how many dump trucks can run during the day. Our dump trucks are replaced on a regular cycle to guarantee operational efficiencies. This new dump truck would replace a 2007 dump truck with over 100,000 miles. The old dump truck will be placed in reserve or surplus.  

Project 25