2023 Project 22- Path Construction - Citywide

Project Status-

Category: Paths

Location: Citywide

Estimated Cost: $3,445,000

Project Description: Peachtree City currently has 97.5 miles of path infrastructure to maintain. The City's goal is to construct/reconstruct/repave 10 miles of path per year. This keeps the system on a 10 year maintenance cycle. The 2017 SPLOST included funding for 3 additional miles to be done per year (which allowed the City to attain the 10 mile goal). The City proposes to keep that funding in place with the 2023 SPLOST. All paths are evaluated by staff for pavement distresses such as cracking, potholes, rutting, roughness, and common root intrusion due to the surrounding environment of the path system. Paths are then assigned a numerical pavement condition rating that is used to prioritize the schedule for reconstruction. The prioritized list of paths is updated on a bi-annual basis to determine funding priorities. This project would also allow funding for new path connections to the citywide system as needed through growth or according to the City's Path Master Plan.

path paving2