2023 Project 19- K-9 Additions and Replacements

Project Status:

Category: Public Safety (Police)

Location: Police Department

Estimated Cost: $120,000

Project Description: Peachtree City currently has two K-9 units for the entire city. This only covers 40% of the time needed to have a 24/7/365 K-9 unit on a patrol shift. This project would add two new K-9 units which would take the total K-9 units up to four and provide approximately 80%-time coverage for patrol shifts. This project would also provide funding to acquire two new K-9s upon the retirement of our current K-9s (Midas-2024 and Ejmyr-2025). This funding would not cover the ongoing operational expenses of any of these units, just the purchase and initial training for the acquisition of the units. Ongoing expenses for the units would be covered in the General Fund. 

Project 19