2023 Project 11- Station 82 Construction- Eastside

Project Status:

Category: Public Safety (Fire)

Location: Not Determined

Estimated Cost: $2,800,000

Project Description: Fire Station 82 is the oldest fire station in Peachtree City, having been constructed in 1977 when the department was a volunteer fire department. As the city has grown, the station has seen multiple projects to expand and renovate the space. Station 82 currently houses all administration for the fire department, which will be moving to Station 86, upon its completion, on the west side of Peachtree City. As the building ages, it has cost the city more funding to maintain. This proposed project would demolish the current structure and rebuild a new station, either on the current site or at a different site to the east of the city if proper land can be acquired, so that coverage areas do not overlap in the center of the Peachtree City. 

station 82 map