2023 Project 10- Station 85 Construction- Southside

Project Status:

Category: Public Safety (Fire)

Location: Old Animal Shelter Location - 1262 GA-Hwy 74

Estimated Cost: $2,500,000

Project Description:  A southside fire station has been in discussion for many years with the growth of Peachtree City and new housing/business developments in this area of the city. This project proposes placing a new fire station at the site of the current animal shelter. Peachtree City purchased the property from Fayette County in 2021 and the animal shelter will be relocating to a new location near the Water and Sewerage Authority. This new station would provide much-needed fire coverage for this portion of the city which is currently a gap in our 1.5-mile coverage area. This will not only keep our fire department rated at an ISO 1 but will also provide quicker response times for this area of the city. 

station 85 map