Traces of Native American occupation and the prior communities of Aberdeen and Clover remain within Peachtree City. The State of Georgia has officially recognized two specific historic locations and regulates all the abandoned and active cemeteries. Three abandoned cemeteries are now owned by the Fayette County Historical Society and other local historic sites have been noted by the Society for their significance. Peachtree City will respectfully preserve and maintain all City-owned abandoned cemeteries and other identified historic sites as undeveloped greenbelt areas.  


Private or County Owned:

  1. Bethlehem Baptist
  2. Holly Grove African Methodist Episcopal
  3. Line Creek Baptist
  4. Old Flat Creek
  5. Regency Square
  6. Saint Andrews in the Pines

Organized in 1867 as the Bethel Baptist Church, the church site was obtained in 1878 and the first church was built in 1878 in the former community of Clover on Dividend Drive. The present name was adopted in 1914. The church-owned active cemetery land was purchased in 1904 and has over 100 graves. Historic designation marker was placed in 2005. 


bethelem baptist cemetery

  1. Speer Family
  2. Swanson Family
  3. Tinsley Mill
  4. Westminster Memorial Gardens
  5. Whitlock Memorial
  6. Wilks Grove Baptist

This Fayette County Historical Society-owned inactive cemetery consists of ten Speer family members.  The cemetery can be assessed by street parking on Charon Way in the Jennings Yard neighborhood.


Speer Family

Peachtree City Owned:

  1. Brown Family
  2. Chandler Family
  3. Chandler-Pollard-Bannister
  4. Civil War Era
  5. Leach Family
  6. Loyd-Ellison
  7. Native American Archeological

This private active cemetery located off Dividend Drive contains over 70 members of the Brown family and the Huddleston family, both early settlers to Fayette County.  Many area landmarks are named after these families.  Benjamin Brown served as a Private in North Carolina Militia during the Revolutionary War.  There are also other veterans’ graves present. 


brown cemetery

  1. Paschall Road
  2. Ware Family
  3. Routon Family
  4. Stichcomb Family
  5. Ware's Mill

This inactive cemetery owned by Peachtree City is located within a fenced area in front of the Leach Fire Station and training facility on Paschal Road. 

Pashall Road Cemetery

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