General Budget Information

Budget Accountability

  • Peachtree City adopts a form of the line-item budget with the legal level of control being the department level within a fund.
    • Department heads can move their budget within their department's general ledger accounts.  If they have a surplus in one account and a deficit in another they can reallocate those funds.
    • Budgets cannot be reallocated from one department or fund to another without going before Council and the public to Amend the Budget Resolution

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State Legal Requirements

  • The Official Code of Georgia identifies the legal requirements for a balanced budget, outlines the steps in the approval process, and clarifies the legal level of budgetary control. Chapter 36-81 is dedicated exclusively to the local government budgetary process and imposes the following requirements:
    • Local governments must establish an official fiscal year for the municipality’s operations by resolution, ordinance, or local law; 
    • Each municipality must prepare a proposed budget for submission to Mayor and Council;
    • Notify the public that the budget proposal is available for public review;
    • Conduct a public hearing at least one week prior to the adoption of the budget resolution or ordinance;
    • Adopt a budget resolution or ordinance which can contain dollar amounts different from the amounts contained in the proposed budget;
    • Adoption of a balanced budget for governmental funds such as the general fund, special revenue funds, debt service funds, and permanent funds. Municipalities are not required to adopt annual budgets for fiduciary funds, internal service funds, or enterprise funds such as water and sewer funds. Capital project funds are required to operate under a project-length balanced budget;
    • Adopt budget amendments by ordinance or resolution.

FY-24 Budget Process

The FY2024 Adopted Budget was presented and adopted on August 3rd, 2024.

July 13, 2023, City Council Meeting- Budget Hearing

June 20, 2023, Budget Workshop

June 8, 2023, Budget Workshop

Budget Timeline

FY-24 Budget Talks