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2017 Project 38: Lake Peachtree Dam/Spillway Upgrade

Status: Completed

Project Number: 38

Category: Lake Peachtree Dam

Location: Lake Peachtree

Proposed Project Year: 2018

Original City Project Budget: $1,000,000.00 

Original Total Project Budget: $3,000,000 (City + County Donation)

Project/Goal Description:

The dam has served Peachtree City well for over 50 years. Lake Peachtree Dam was constructed in 1966 when there were few standards for dam construction. Through the years, design standards have changed relevant to dam height and overflow requirements related to the length and intensity of storm events. This project upgrades the current dam to meet the current standards for a Category I Classification.

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Final Update:  Project was completed in 2018 with a Dedication Ceremony on 10/18/2018. 

SPLOST Actuals YTD: $2,792,346.96

SPLOST Funds Over/Under Budget: ($1,792,346.96)

Contributed Capital(Fayette County): $2,000,000.00

Project Total to Date: $4,792,346.96

Final Project Photo:



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