2017 Project 36: Glenloch Pool Renovation & Splash Pad

Status: Completed

Project Number: 36

Category: Parks and Recreation

Location: Glenloch Recreation Center - 601 Stevens Entry

Proposed Project Year: 2018

Original Project Budget: $330,000

Project/Goal Description:

The Glenloch pool has shown declining numbers in recent years and is in need of improvements. The addition of the splash park and amenities will make the area more appealing, upgrade a declining facility, increase attendance, and narrow the gap between revenue and operational costs. A committee of city staff and PTC citizens worked together to research the feasibility of a splash park in Peachtree City. The research results showed that the addition of a splash park would be a desirable amenity.      

Final Update:  This project was completed in 2019 and included a new spray park and repairs and maintenance to the existing pool facility/equipment and parking lot.  The design of the splash pad and manufacturing of the equipment was contracted out separately from the pool renovations.  The design of the pool renovations and the total construction contract administration was performed by Public Works to save on cost.  

SPLOST Actuals Total: $523,920.93

SPLOST Funds Over/Under Budget: $(193,920.93)

The original budget estimates were developed without the benefit of final engineering drawings; therefore, changes had to be made for constructability while restraining overall costs.  For example, drain line repairs and modifications were needed to the pool that was not originally anticipated.

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Final Project Photos: