2017 Project 34: Lake Peachtree Island Bridge

Status: Completed

Project Number: 34

Category: Parks and Recreation

Location: Lake Peachtree

Proposed Project Year: 2017,2018, & 2019

Original Project Budget: $200,000

Project/Goal Description:

New passive park on Lake Peachtree Island. The island is currently only accessible by water. The project will include constructing a pedestrian bridge with removable barricades to allow service equipment access to the area. The island will be cleared of undergrowth, leaving large trees for shade, and will include a walking trail around the island and a few seating areas. Lake Peachtree is one of the City's greatest amenities. It is located in the heart of the City but has limited viewing areas from the shoreline. The Island is a premium piece of City property that is not being utilized. The development of this property into a passive park will add a more usable shoreline for our residents to enjoy the lake and create an additional recreational amenity for the community.

Final Update:  This project was completed in 2018.  Several bridge options and locations for a multi-use crossing to the island were considered and evaluated for feasibility, cost-effectiveness, permit requirements, and project objectives.  The culvert pipe and redi-rock wall option selected was designed and constructed by Public Works to save on cost.  

SPLOST Actuals Total: $146,695.73

SPLOST Funds Over/Under Budget: $53,304

Stormwater Actuals: $6,475.23

Project Total to Date: $153,170.96

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