2017 Project 31: Public Safety Radio Replacement

Status: Completed

Project Number: 31

Category: Public Safety

Location: City-wide

Proposed Project Year: 2018

Original Project Budget: $1,467,100

Project/Goal Description:

The Fayette County 911 Center is operating a legacy 800 MHz system that needs to be upgraded to become APCO (Assn. of Public-Safety Communications Officials) Project 25 (P25) compliant. Fayette County 911 has an identified need to upgrade the legacy radio system. When this occurs, the current mobile and portable radios using the legacy 800 MHz platform will not be able to communicate with the 911 center. The goal is for public safety agencies to have interoperability during times of need. P25 is a suite of standards for digital radio communications for use by federal, state, and local public safety agencies that enable them to communicate with other agencies and mutual aid response teams in emergencies. Interoperable emergency communication is integral to initial response, public health, community safety, national security, and economic stability. The County is projecting an $18 million investment in the new system. Peachtree City will need 268 radio units for Police, Fire, Public Works, and Code Enforcement.                       

Final Update:  All the radios have been purchased and additional software has been ordered.  The Police and Fire Departments have been using the new radios.  Other departments are awaiting the distribution of the rest of the radios. 

SPLOST Actuals Total: $1,464,522

SPLOST Funds Over/Under Budget: $2,578

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Final Project Photo: