2017 Project 16: New Path Connection – Paschall Road

 Status: In progress

Project Number: 16

Category: Multi-Use Path System

Location: Paschall Rd

Proposed Project Year: 2020

Original Project Budget: $ 42,260

Project/Goal Description: New path from Paschall Tunnel to Huddleston Rd.

December 2022 Progress Update: Public Works laid out and constructed the path extension from the existing path coming from the tunnel up to Clover Green. The extension up to Clover Green accomplished the intent of the project to provide path access up to Paschall Road without driving on the sidewalk adjacent to HWY 74 south. Staff is in communication with the railroad company for approval of a path to go over the railroad.

SPLOST Actuals Total:  $4,692.63

SPLOST Funds Remaining: $37,567.37

Impact Fees Actuals: $6,614.80

Project Totals to Date: $11,307.43

Proposed Project Photo:

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Updated Project Photo: