2017 Project 13: New Path Connection – Crosstown Road (north side and crossing)

Status: Completed

Project Number: 13

Category: Multi-Use Path System

Location: Crosstown Dr.

Proposed Project Year: 2017

Original Project Budget: $26,993

Project/Goal Description: New at-grade crossing on Crosstown Dr near Valvoline.

Final Update: This project was completed in 2021.  Public Works looked at sight distance to determine the best location and evaluated several alternatives for a multi-use path crossing in this target area.  Ultimately a pedestrian hybrid beacon (HAWK Signal) was selected as the best alternative.   Public Works coordinated the design of the beacon, path design, wall design, easement acquisition and construction for this project.

SPLOST Actuals Total:   $356,010.52

SPLOST Funds Over/Under Budget: $(329,017.52)

Impact Fees Actual: $58,228.00

Project Total to Date: $414,238.52

The original budget estimates were developed without the benefit of final engineering drawings; therefore, changes had to be made for safety and constructability while restraining overall costs.  For example, retaining walls were not anticipated in the original concept.

Proposed Project Photo:

Aerial view of a city

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Final Project Photos: