2017 Project 9: New Bridge & Path Connection – Hwy 54 W at MacDuff Pkwy

Status: In Progress

Project Number: 9

Category: Multi-Use Path System

Location: HWY 54 @ MacDuff Parkway

Proposed Project Year: 2017, 2018, & 2019

Original Project Budget: $ 1,971,000

Project/Goal Description: New multi-use path bridge to provide grade-separated crossing over HWY 54. In addition, new paths will be installed to connect to Wynnmeade and MacDuff Pkwy.

December 2022 Progress Update:  The majority of the project was completed in 2021.  This bridge was a particularly complicated project due to the topography, utilities, and Georgia Department of Transportation coordination. A design-build contract was awarded to Kiewit Construction and administered by Public Works.  This project involved approximately 40,000 cubic yards of fill dirt (3,300 dump trucks), 300 tons of asphalt, and 11,000 square feet of retaining walls. Through the design process, a more practical connection to SR 54 by Discount Tire was implemented rather than a direct connection to the tunnel under MacDuff Parkway.  Bridge lighting and signage were also incorporated into the project. Public Works laid out and constructed the path connection to Wynnmeade Parkway as a separate project. In 2023, Peachtree City plans to beautify the area with additional long term landscaping for viable erosion control measures. 

SPLOST Actuals Total:  $2,309,331.06

SPLOST Funds Over/Under Budget: $(338,331.06)

Impact Fees Actuals:  $1,078,027.50

Project Total to Date: $3,387,858.56

The original budget estimates were developed without the benefit of final engineering drawings; therefore, changes had to be made for permit compliance, constructability, and safety while restraining overall costs.  For example, the large amount of utility relocation work was not anticipated. 

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