2017 Project 7: HWY 54 / HWY 74 Additional Projects – Matching Funds

Status: In Progress

Project Number: 7

Category: Roads

Location: HWY 74 @ HWY 54 Corridors

Proposed Project Year: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, & 2022

Original Project Budget: $1,000,000

Project/Goal Description:

Peachtree City’s Highway 54 Corridor Study makes traffic improvement recommendations; Fayette County’s 2010 Transportation Plan and Transportation Committee advises on traffic improvements, and the Georgia Department of Transportation maintains long-range plans for the State Highways. Matching funds can be leveraged against outside dollars to implement recommended road projects for improved traffic flow in the corridors of HWY 54 and HWY 74.

NOTE: Should no opportunities arise for use of matching funds, these funds will revert to roads projects already identified in Tier 1 and Tier 2 projects list.

December 2022 Progress Update: The City has partnered with the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) on projects along SR 54 in Peachtree City, and remains open to other opportunities in the future.  An example of funding partnerships with the DOT included the r-cuts on SR 54 at Dan Lakly Drive and at Governors Square.   Public Works worked with the DOT to permit these r-cuts that came from the City’s 54 East corridor study.  The DOT designed the improvements and hired a contractor and the City paid the DOT for the installation. As of November 2022, Council has approved funding from this 2017 SPLOST project for the design of upgraded signage for 54/74 GDOT Displaced Left Turn (DLT) project.

SPLOST Actuals Total:   $263,380

SPLOST Funds Remaining: $736,620

R-Cuts along Hwy 54 Project Photos: