2017 Project 4: HWY 54 at Planterra Way

Status: Completed

Project Number: 4

Category: Roads

Location: HWY 54 at Planterra Way.

Proposed Project Year: 2017

Original Project Budget: $ 650,000

Project/Goal Description: HWY 54 serves as a major East/West arterial roadway linking major urbanized areas in Fayette County and neighboring counties that carry over 36,000 vehicles per day. This intersection currently experiences significant backups and delays during the weekday morning and afternoon peaks, as well as on Saturdays. A major problem with this intersection is the split-phasing of the traffic signal. Split phasing means the left turn from Planterra Way and the left turn from the Walmart Center cannot operate at the same time, thus increasing cycle length. The proposed strategy is to add a dedicated left-turn lane out of Planterra Way, construct dual left-turn lanes out of Walmart, and make appropriate signal modifications.

Final Update: This project was completed in 2018.    This project started as a recommendation in the 2014 Corridor Study that was commissioned by the City.  Public Works coordinated with the Georgia Department of Transportation on this project and worked through some complicated permitting issues.  Public Works contracted out the design and construction of this intersection improvement project and administered the bidding and construction of this project.

 SPLOST Actuals Total: $776,890

SPLOST Funds Over/Under Budget: $(126,890)

The original budget estimates were developed without the benefit of final engineering drawings; therefore, when bids came back the cost was substantially higher.  In addition, better loop detection technology was added that was not part of the original design.

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