Adult Volleyball

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League Rules

  • PTC Volleyball uses USVA rules to govern league play, with some added "house" rules. 
  • League Rules -- no changes made at the Captain's meeting.

Online Player Registration

Online Team Registration

  • Free agents may attend any game (on Mondays) or practice (on Wednesdays) to see if a team wants to pick them up.
  • League Flyer
  • League Information
    • In-County Price: $275.
    • Out-of-County Price: $350.
    • Late registration (after 8/15): +$50 to registration cost.
  • Peachtree City Recreation has moved to a new registration system: CivicRec
  • Registration steps
    • (1) Complete the team registration form.  This form is available online, through the CivicRec catalog, or at the Kedron Fieldhouse.  If completing the form online, email it to
    • (2) After the form has been processed, you will be approved to create a team in the league.  This step can be done in the online catalog or in-person at the Kedron Fieldhouse.
    • (3) Out-of-county teams only.  When registering, be sure to also add the "Out of County" fee to your cart.  If you do not add this fee, it will be assessed during the season if your roster is determined to be out-of-county.
  • Want to play, but don't have a team?  Email to be added to the free agent list.