Annexation Information

The City has a two-step process for Annexation requests.  Step One allows City Council to review the request and determine if it meets the City's Comprehensive Plan Goals and Policies. Approval of a Step One application does not mean that City Council will approve the annexation. 

Step Two is a much more detailed look at the request. The Step Two application also initiates the State's annexation process (Chapter 36 of Title 36 of the Official Code of Georgia). This process includes a highly regulated timeline for official notifications, public hearings, and an arbitration process between counties and cities. 

Current Annexation Requests

Step Two Annexation PA20-0001: 46 Acres on Redwine Road

Information Summary
Tax IDs0603  005; 0603 013; 0603 011; 0603 008
Addresses2443, 2459, 2471, and 2493 Redwine Road 
County ZoningAR Agricultural Residential
County Future Land UseLow Density Residential (1 du/acre)
Requested City ZoningR-12 Single family (1.91 du/acre), and AR Agricultural Reserve (2493 Redwine Road)
Requested City Future Land UseSingle Family Medium (1 to 2 du/acre) [ Proposed 1.63 du/acre overall] 
Proposal Description46 acres total area. 2493 Redwine Road to remain agriculturally-zoned. Remaining 38.5 acres to develop into single-family neighborhood with density of 1.91 units per acre. 
Submittal Documents
Complete Application PacketCity-created Current Zoning Map
Applicant Housing Presentation