Design Guidelines

Some areas of Peachtree City require buildings to meet minimum architectural standards, called Design Guidelines.  There are two types of Design Guidelines in the City: Major Thoroughfare and HWY 54 West. 

  1. Major Thoroughfare
  2. Other Guidelines

If your property is within 500 feet of a major thoroughfare, see the table below for a list, then any building must have its elevations reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission. This applies to all new construction as well as any modification to existing buildings, such as repainting, re-roofing, changing siding materials, or modifying windows and doors. (Single-family properties are exempt from this review)

Architectural Standards Ordinance

Major Thoroughfares:

SR 54Holly Grove RoadRiley Parkway
SR 74Huddleston RoadRobinson Road
Aberdeen ParkwayKedron DriveRockaway Road
Braelinn RoadKelly DriveSenoia Road
Cameron TrailLine Creek ParkwayStevens Entry
Crosstown DriveLog House RoadSumner Road
Dividend DriveMacDuff ParkwayTDK Boulevard
Ebenezer RoadMcIntosh TrailWalt Banks Road
Fisher’s LuckNorthlake DriveWillowbend Road
Flat Creek RoadPaschall RoadWindgate Road
Georgian ParkPeachtree ParkwayWisdom Road