Peachtree City Post Office Complaints

Peachtree City residents who experience problems with their postal service (at home or at the Peachtree City Post Office facility at 151 Highway 74) can take the following steps:

  1. Report the issue to the Peachtree City Post Office at 770-486-6802.  Allow the Post Office 24 hours to resolve the issue.
  2. For issues not resolved in 24 hours, file an OFFICIAL USPS complaint online at and provide the detail requested.  This is a national complaint form and ensures tracking of unresolved complaints on a regional level.

After filing an OFFICIAL USPS Complaint:

Contact Congressman Drew Ferguson’s office at 770-683-2033 or (if using the online email form, please select “Post Office” as the subject and note that this is an “Official Complaint,” provide details, and let them know if the issue has been reported to and whether it has been resolved or is still pending).