Conceptual Vision 

In October 2018, the mayor and City Council discussed the potential redevelopment of the area around City Hall and the historical Aberdeen Village commercial center. They released a Conceptual Vision that imagined what a Walkable Village could look like, based on a policy framework that it must be:

  • A Walkable Village that is pedestrian friendly for people of all ages and abilities
  • Mixed Use 
  • Provide public spaces
  • Connect to and enhance existing green infrastructure 
  • Human Scaled
  • Economically Realistic  

Peachtree City Redevelopment Conceptual Vision plan

The Conceptual Vision was developed with input from affected commercial property owners who will most likely be the first properties to redevelop and implement the vision. Below is a summary of the vision:

Highlights of Conceptual Vision

  • New streets and street alignments create blocks and street grid
    • Willowbend and Willow Road realigned 
    • New north-south connection from SR 54
    • New internal streets create small blocks
    • Street grid disperses traffic and slows vehicle speeds
  • New developable blocks
    • New development at southeast corner of SR 54 and Northlake Drive
    • New development of underutilized city-owned property steps down in intensity adjacent to existing single family
  • Mixed Use
    • Ground-floor retail and office with residential or office above in some locations  
    • Not all streets will be mixed use. Some single-use office buildings and apartments/loft buildings will be permitted
    • Residential uses step down in intensity adjacent to existing single family
  • Walkable streets lines with buildings
    • Wide sidewalks
    • "Green infrastructure" includes tree-lined streets and rain gardens are attractive and improve stormwater
  • Some existing buildings stay (shown in dark grey hatch)
    • The Bridge
    • Baptist Church 
    • Library Complex
    • Potential for others
  • New public spaces
    • Possible central greenspace lined with buildings
    • Stormwater pond feature
  • Connect to and enhanced greenspaces
    • Path connection to Drake Field and north to bridge over SR 54
    • Path crossing of Willowbend Road relocated south to increase safety
    • Stormwater pond encircled by path
    • Dedicated cart parking and charging infrastructure 
  • Integrated parking throughout
    • On-street
    • Interior surface lots
    • Enclosed decks
  • Initiated by private property owners 
    • City will not condemn property or use eminent domain without willing participation of property owners
    • Will be incremental over time as private land owners redevelop their property

Next Steps

Most of the Conceptual Vision will be implemented over time by private land owners who want to redevelop their property.  However, there are some things the City can do to assist. 


The City has hired a traffic consultant to study the impacts of the Conceptual Vision and all anticipated development on SR 54 from the SR 54/ SR 74 intersection to SR 54/ Ebenezer Road intersection. The study is in draft format and the findings will be posted here as soon as it is complete.


The City is applying to the Atlanta Regional Commission for a planning grant through their new Community Development Assistance program launched in 2019. This program supplements the LCI (Livable Centers Initiative) which has been refocused to communities served by transit.  The Community Development grant applications are due in March 2019 and will be awarded in May 2019. If awarded to Peachtree City, the grant will be used to perform a number of targeted studies to create an informed plan from the Conceptual Vision:

  • A market study will determine the amount and scale of land uses, including: 
    • Amount, scale, and location for retail
    • Ability to attract corporate office uses and location
    • Amount, location and type of residential uses
  • A parking and alternate mode study will ensure that the plan is adequately parked given the unique characteristics of Peachtree City's path system and cart use. It will provide design guidelines for:
    • Appropriate-scaled surface lots, parking decks, and on-street parking; 
    • Sidewalks for commercial streets verses residential streets
    • Cart infrastructure including path crossings, dedicated parking requirements, and charging stations
  • Design for the stormwater pond and associated green infrastructure
    • Pond design to reduce erosion next to SR 54 and be a community asset
    • Rain garden and green infrastructure design, including cost to build and cost to maintain
    • Analysis of maintenance training and capacity
  • Architectural guidelines
    • Determine where are they appropriate
    • Potential overlay in the City's Zoning Ordinance for form-based code

Implementation Tools

The City has already explored tools available to encourage private investment in the area.  From Community Improvement Districts, to Assessment Districts, and Zoning Code updates.

  • The General Assembly has approved HB 291 granting peachtree City the power to create a Community Improvement District
  • The City Council has the ability to work with property owners who are interested in creating an Assessment District for infrastructure needs
  • The City Council has budgeted for a complete overhaul of the Development and Zoning ordinances.  An RFP will be issued later this Spring 2019 for those services.