Tree Permits

Trees in the City Greenbelt and in Environmental Protection Areas May NOT be Removed

There are steep fines for illegal clearing on public property. If you have concerns about a tree located in the Greenbelt, contact Public Works at 770-487-5183

No vegetation or trees may be removed from environmental protection areas

These include tree-save buffers, watershed protection buffers, stream or wetland buffers, or conservation easements. If you have a question about whether your property has one of these protection areas, please call the Planning & Development Office to verify before you begin work. There are steep fines for illegal work in these protected areas.

Every Residential Lot Must Have at Least 2 Trees

If you would like to remove some trees from your property, please remember that every lot must have at least two (2) trees. If you remove all the trees from your property, even when done legally, you will be required by the City to replant at least two (2) trees.

NEW Permit Requirements for Tree Removal Permits

The size requirements for tree removal permits has changed

Type of Tree Permit is Required if Tree Is
Understory (Except Bradford Pear trees)8 inches or greater
Canopy (Includes Bradford Pear trees)18 inches or greater

A permit is not required for tree pruning, 'limbing', or 'raising', as long as the tree will not die as a result of this pruning.

Specimen Tree Sizes

Specimen trees have special protections in Peachtree City. Specimen trees are:

TypeDiameter (DBH)CharacteristicsExamples
Understory8 inches or greaterAny tree that grows underneath
the canopy trees
Dogwood, Redbud, Cherry
*Bradford Pears are exempt from this category
Softwood24 inches or greaterAny tree that stay green all yearPine, spruce, cypress, magnolia
Hardwood20 inches or greater OR
24 inches or greater for Sweetgums
Any tree that loses its leaves
in the fall
Maples, oaks, hickory

When Can a Specimen Tree Be Removed?

Specimen trees may only be removed if it meets one of the following conditions:

  1. The tree is dead, dying, or diseased (Arborist letter may be required if disease is not evident to a layperson)
  2. The tree is in a construction area approved by a building permit. (Examples: pool, garage, home addition)
  3. The tree poses an immediate life safety hazard
  4. Removal is required for utility work
  5. Owner contends the tree is an economic burden and will contribute $20 per caliper inch dbh to the City's Tree Fund (This fund is a dedicated fund and can only be used to plant trees on public property.)

How Do I Get a Tree Removal Permit?

Submit a complete application. Your submittal must include:

  1. Completed Tree Removal Permit Application signed by both the property owner and the tree removal contractor
  2. Photo of each tree to be removed
  3. Written authorization from the Homeowner's Association (HOA), if applicable
  • Photos must show the diameter of the tree to be removed. An example photo is below.
  • (Photo shows the circumference measurement. Calculate the diameter by dividing the circumference by 3.14): Person Measures Trunk of Tree Circumference
  • If the tree is within 5 feet of a property line, the City may request a letter of support from the neighboring property or a tree survey done by a licensed surveyor.
  • The City may require a certified arborist letter if death or disease is not evident to a layperson.

HOA Approval Needed

The City requires approval letters from these neighborhoods before a tree-removal permit can be issued:

  • Ardenlee 
  • Brookfield
  • The Coventry 
  • The Estates
  • Kedron Hills 
  • Lake Kedron Community (Albemarle, Cottage Grove, Sutton's Cove, Larkin's Landing, The Point on Lake Kedron) 
  • The Oaks at Timberlake
  • Planterra Ridge
  • The Preserve
  • Smokerise Crossing
  • Smokerise Plantation
  • Smokerise Estates Phases 4 & 5 (Embassy Court, Graystone Court, Majestic Court, Smokerise Pointe, Tuxedo Lane)
  • St. Simons Cove
  • Stoneybrook Plantation

Pre-Approved Tree Removal Contractors

Tree Contractors (PDF)

Companies removing trees within Peachtree City must be pre-approved. Inclusion on the pre-approved contractor list does not constitute an endorsement from the City. Homeowners are responsible for and encouraged to ask contractors for references, a copy of both their general liability and workers' compensation insurance policies, and other pertinent information prior to removing trees from your property. 

To add your company to the list, please email the city a copy of your current Occupational Tax Certificate, an insurance declaration page, and proof of worker's compensation coverage.


The fines and penalties for illegal removal of trees have changed
Removal of trees without a required permit will result in a citation issued to both the property owner and the tree removal contractor. Fines will be determined by the Judge in the mandatory court appearance.

Tree contractors who have been found guilty by the Municipal Court 3 or more times will not be issued a tree removal permit for 12 months following the third conviction.