Sign Permits and Programs

Permits are required for all permanent signs installed in the City. Before applying for a permit, review the requirements listed on this page.  If you have questions, please contact the City’s sign technician. 3 easy steps:

  1. Check your zoning regulations

  2. Check to see if you have additional requirements in a Sign Program 

  3. Apply for a permit (Application)

Zoning Regulations for Signs

There are different size requirements based on the type of sign and the zoning use of your property. For further information, please review the Sign Ordinance for these zoning categories:

  1. Retail, Commercial, Office or Industrial
  2. Residential 
  3. Multi-family Residential

Sign Programs

Tenants and properties in some shopping centers and office parks have additional requirements for sign designs.  If your property is located within one of the developments listed below, click on the name to open the adopted Sign Program document. 

Sign Programs:


Fill out a sign permit application and submit along with the required documents to the Planning and Development Department. Or you may apply online through the new Permit Portal.