The Planning and Development Department is responsible for administering the City's Zoning Ordinance and issuing certain non-building permits.  Please use the menu on the left to learn more information about our services. 

Zoning Verification Letters

If you would like an official letter from the City stating the zoning classification for your property, please email Chandra Wright with the address and the specific information you need in the letter.  The fee for a zoning verification letter is $50.

Open Records Requests

If you would like copies of permits, certificates of occupancy, history of code violations, or copies of approved plans, please contact the City Clerk.  The City Clerk manages the Open Records Request process and will coordinate the various department responses. 

Official Zoning Map

Review the Official Zoning Map using our online mapping tool.  Search for addresses and follow links to the City's ordinance for zoning requirements. The online map is kept up to date and accurate. 

A PDF version of the zoning map is available below or you may view a printed version at the Planning Department. The PDF map is only updated annually and is not the most up to date version.