Planning and Development Department Staff are dedicated to managing the City's development in an efficient and equitable manner, balancing the interests of diverse parties, and to provide clear, factual and timely information to the public concerning the planning and development activities within the City.

Development Status Report

The following document identifies retail, commercial and industrial projects, as well as residential projects, being reviewed by City Staff and/ or the Planning Commission, as well as those projects currently under construction: Development Status Report (PDF)

Development Process

Commercial, Industrial, and All Non-Residential Development

The development process for non-residential developments is a 4-step process for most projects. Below is a general overview of the process. A more detailed flow chart is at the bottom of this page.

Conceptual Site Plan to Final Site Plan to Building Permit to Landscape Plan

Conceptual Site Plan

The Conceptual Plan is first reviewed by City Staff to ensure it meets all development codes. The Planning Department has prepared a helpful Conceptual Site Plan Design Checklist that compiles all the relevant ordinances in one place. The Engineering Department has also created a helpful Commercial Concept Plan Checklist to help engineers make sure their plans are correct prior to submitting them to the City. You can view the current fee schedule for submittals on our Fee Schedule webpage.

Once the plan has been approved by staff, it is placed on the next available Planning Commission agenda. You can view current agendas on the Planning Commission webpage.

Once approved, your engineer can start preparing the final site plan.

Final Site Plan

The final site plan has much more detail than the conceptual plan. Again, Planning and Engineering have created helpful Final Site Plan Design Checklist and a Final Site Plan Review Checklist. Your engineer should also review all pertinent Policies and Standards on the City Engineering Department Development Standards webpage.

Once your plan has been reviewed and approved the final site plan, you may request a Land Disturbance Permit from the Engineering Department.

Building Permit

After the final site plan is approved, you may submit your architectural building plans to the Building Department. The City does not accept building plans until after the final site plan has been approved.

Landscape Plan

Peachtree City is known for it's beautiful landscapes and natural environment. And part of that beauty is thanks to our landscape ordinance. After construction has begun on the building, you must submit a landscape plan to the Planning Department for review. We have created a helpful Landscape Plan Design Checklist to help your landscaper create a plan that meets city ordinances.

Once it passes the review, it will be placed on the next available Planning Commission agenda. After your landscaping has been installed and you have passed all your final inspections, you can apply for your Certificate of Occupancy.

Development Process Flow Chart