Planning and Development Department Staff are dedicated to managing the City’s development in an efficient and equitable manner, balancing the interests of diverse parties, and to provide clear, factual and timely information to the public concerning the planning and development activities within the City.

The City is now accepting applications for various stages of development through our new Online Development Applications system. 

Development Process

Select the Residential Development or Commercial Development tab below for more information on the review process. 

  1. Commercial Development
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The commercial development process is a multi-step process for most projects. Applications for each phase are available for download in the right-side menu. See the flow chart below for details. 

Commercial development process

Conceptual Site Plan

The Conceptual Plan must be approved by the Planning Commission. It is first reviewed by City Staff to ensure it meets all development codes. Once the plan has been approved by staff, it is placed on the next available Planning Commission agenda. 

Final Site Plan

Once the Conceptual Site Plan is approved by the Planning Commission, you may submit a Final Site Plan. A final site plan includes all the civil work that will be done to the site, including water, sewer, stormwater, and erosion control plans. Your engineer should also review all pertinent Policies and Standards on the City Engineering Department Development Standards webpage.

Once your plan has been approved, you should install the approved Erosion Control (EC) measures on your site. Call for an inspection after EC is installed. Once the EC has passed inspection, you may pick up your Land Disturbance Permit from the Engineering Department.

Lighting Plan (Optional)

Not all projects will require a lighting plan. However, if you want to install site-lighting other than fixtures attached to buildings, you will be required to submit a Lighting Plan with your permit application. You may do this as a sheet within the overall Final Site Plan submittal, or you may do this as a separate permit application.  

Architectural Review

Properties along a major road is subject to additional architectural reviews. Any new building, addition, or façade modification must be reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission. This must be completed before a Building Permit can be issued. 

Building Permit

After the final site plan is approved, you may submit your architectural building plans to the Building Department. The City does not accept building plans until after the final site plan has been approved. New buildings and additions are subject to the City's Development Impact Fee requirement. 

Landscape Plan

Peachtree City is known for it’s beautiful landscapes and natural environment.  After construction has begun on the building, you must submit a landscape plan to the Planning Department. Planning Commission approval is required for all Landscaping Plans.

Quarterly Reports

Quarterly reports for the entire Planning & Development Division (including the Building Department, the Planning Department, & Code Enforcement) are provided below: