Special Event Permit

Peachtree City Special Event Guide

Peachtree City celebrates special events. From major conventions and sporting events to community-based festivals, parades and athletic activities, the City of Peachtree City is proud to host hundreds of events each year. It is our goal to enhance the vitality, quality of life, and economic prosperity of Peachtree City through the support of special events.

The following information has been developed to guide you through the Special Event Permit Process and to provide you with guidelines and requirements associated with special event management in the City of Peachtree City.

As you read through the Planning Guide and complete the Special Event Permit Application, please be aware that these documents have been developed to address a wide span of event types and elements. You need only provide information to us about the elements of event planning that relate to your particular special event.

On behalf of the City of Peachtree City, thank you for contributing to the spirit and vitality of our community through the presentation of your event

How to Apply for a Special Event Permit

Events or organized activities that operate in city facilities or in commercial areas that include event components requiring the coordination of a number of city departments or other agencies such as the use of alcohol, tent setups, on-site cooking, or large-scale temporary structures typically are reviewed through the Special Event Permit Process. Examples include: festivals, parades, runs/walks, farmer’s markets and other planned group activities.

  1. Complete a Summary Page PDF  and email Special Event Coordinator, 202 Fieldhouse Drive, Peachtree City, GA 30269.
  2. The Special Event Coordinator will review your application and classify it into one of the four Event Classifications.
  3. Additional event category paperwork will need to be completed and returned to the Special Event Coordinator.
  4. After receiving your completed paperwork, the Special Event Coordinator will contact you to schedule a meeting with the Special Event Team (SET). A staff member of each city department will be present to answer any questions and guide you through your final plans.
  5. The application is only considered complete if you have paid your application fee, deposit and/or facility fees, equipment rental fees and have submitted all your required additional information. Additional documentation includes, but is not limited to Certificate of Liability Insurance, Fire Resistance Certificate, IRS 501c Letter, Extra-Duty Vendor Permit Form, Overflow Parking Agreement, Site and Route Plans.
  6. Only after the completed event application has been reviewed and approved will it be added to the Special Event Calendar on the city website.

Event Organizers Responsibilities

The Special Event Permit Application has been designed to assist event organizers and serve as a guideline for the development of event plans that comply with local, state, and federal codes, laws, policies and regulations governing activities associated with the production and management of special events.

As an event organizer it is your responsibility to assess the venue, environment, anticipated attendees, and event components of your proposed event in order to develop and implement management strategies that ensure the safety of your guests, citizens, and the surrounding environment affected by your event.

By applying for a special event permit, you and your representatives agree you have the sole responsibility at all times to be knowledgeable about, fully understand, and to meet or exceed all local, state and federal codes, laws, policies, and regulations associated with the proposed event and its related activities, including but not limited to the provisions of the Peachtree City Municipal Code, Special Event Permit Application, Special Event Planning Guide, other city documents, permits, requirements and/or correspondence. You and your representatives also agree to accept the venue in an as-is condition and inspect all areas within the event venue and immediate surrounding areas for hazards and take any reasonably necessary actions to protect event participants and attendees until corrective/remedial measures are implemented.

Event Classification Each special event request will be reviewed and classified in accordance with the following criteria:

Class I - Low Hazard: These will generally be local events that have no significant impact on normal services (fire, EMS, police, recreation, public services) provided to the general population. They will normally involve minimal use of public facilities such as roadways, recreational paths, buildings or parks.

Attendance:Plus or minus 50 people.
Physical activity by participants:Little to none.
Exposure to spectators:Little to none.
Number of city staff required:None.
Impact on city services: Little to none.
Use of public property: Little to none.
Clean up required: No.
Area of event: Less than 11,000 SF (.25 acre).
Alcohol?: No.
Insurance Required: $100,000 or more.
Deposit Required:$50
Deadline for submittal: Two (2) weeks or more before the event.
Examples: Indoor and outdoor meetings, small theatrical performances, picnics, and other social gatherings.

Class II - Moderate Hazard: These will generally be events that are locally generated but which draw attendance from the metro Atlanta area. They will generally have a minor impact on city services to the general population, possibly involving cursory staff coordination and awareness by police and fire that the event is taking place.

Attendance: 100 people or less.
Physical activity by participants: Limited.
Exposure to spectators:Little to none.
Number of city staff required: One or two.
Impact on city services: Limited.
Use of public property:Minor.
Clean up required: Limited.
Area of event: Less than 40,000 SF (1 acre).
Alcohol?: No.
Insurance Required: $500,000 or more.
Deposit Required: $200
Deadline for submittal: Six (6) weeks or more before the event.
Examples: Dances, political rallies, marches, weddings, and family type events.

Class III - High Hazard:  These will generally be events that may be generated locally or by organizations outside the City.  They will draw attendance from a local, state, regional, national or even international area. They will generally have a significant impact on city services, involving intense and prolonged pre-coordination between city staff and organizers, with significant possibility of compromising service to the general public by supporting it.

Attendance: 100 people or more.
Physical activity by participants: Minor to Major.
Exposure to spectators:Moderate to Severe.
Number of city staff required: 5 or more.
Impact on city services: Significant.
Use of public property: Major.
Clean up required: Yes.
Area of event: More than 40,000 SF (1 acre).
Alcohol?: Possible.
Insurance required: $1,000,000 or more.
Deposit Required: $250
Deadline for submittal: Eight (8) weeks or more before the event.
Examples: Team or individual sporting events (non-professional), walks/runs on paths, carnivals, rides, rallies, some concerts, parades (with floats), outdoor gatherings to include arts and crafts festivals.

Class IV - Severe Hazard:  An event that is likely to exceed 3,000 participants and spectators combined, including a significant number from outside the city. Will involve intense preparations by city staff, and close on-site attention by police and/or fire/EMS.

Attendance: More than 3,000 people.
Number of city staff required: 10 or more.
Impact on city services: Major.
Use of public property: Extensive.
Clean up required: Yes.
Area of event:More than 80,000 SF (2 acres).
Alcohol?: Yes.
Insurance required: $2,000,000 or more.
Deposit Required: $500
Deadline for submittal: Three (3) months or more before the event.
Examples: Large concerts, playoff sporting events, marathons, triathlons, air shows, all golf cart or vehicle related events (car shows, etc.) fireworks displays, and any function where the crowd size is likely to exceed 3,000 people.

Application Submittal Deadline

The Peachtree City Municipal Code requires permit applications to be submitted no later than sixty (60) days prior to the actual date of your event and allows applications to be submitted as early as one year before the event date. At the sole discretion of the City of Peachtree City, you may be authorized to submit written amendments to your initial permit application due to unique or changing circumstances related to the event. Amendments to your permit application must be submitted to the Recreation and Special Events Department. Information requested by a designated reviewing authority that clarifies information already provided in the permit application may be submitted directly to the requesting entity.

ClassApplication Requirements
Class I - Low Hazard type events:Application submitted two (2) weeks or more before an event.
Class II - Moderate Hazard type events: Application submitted six (6) weeks or more before an event.
Class III - High Hazard type events:Application submitted eight (8) weeks or more before an event.
Class IV - Severe Hazard type events:Application submitted three (3) months or more before an event.

Any person organizing a demonstration shall notify the City Manager not less than 48 hours before the time when it is proposed to conduct the demonstration.

Application Must Be Complete

Under the provisions of the Special Events Ordinance, the City of Peachtree City is not required to act upon an incomplete permit application. This means that a permit application will not be approved or denied and you will not have administrative recourse rights to a denial hearing if you have not provided the required information as set forth in the Special Event Planning Guide and Special Event Permit Application. It is therefore important to provide all required information and documentation in a timely and complete manner throughout the permit review process.

Applicants are responsible for obtaining all permits, authorization and/or exemptions required by other agencies with jurisdiction for any element of the event (e.g. Alcohol Permits, Health Permits, Road Closures, etc.).

Application Fee

The following fees have been approved by the City Council and apply to Special Event Permit Applications:

  1. Deposit (refundable): Class I: $50, Class II: $200, Class III: $250, Class IV: $500
    Drake Field Deposit: $500 for all classes of events
  2. Application Fee: Class I: $25, Class II: $50, Class III: $100, Class IV: $200.00
  3. Facility Rental Fees: Varies - Facility Rental Rates
  4. Other Costs and Fees.

You will be invoiced for your application fee once your special event permit application has begun the permit review process. Please do not submit payment with your permit application.

The special event permit application fee partially offsets the cost of reviewing your permit application and coordinating the event review process. Payment of the application fee does not guarantee that your special event permit application is complete nor does it guarantee that any or all aspects of the application will be approved. Your willingness to pay a late fee does not guarantee that the City of Peachtree City will be able to process your permit application due to time or staffing constraints.

Other Costs and Fees

In addition to the permit application fee, you may be assessed other city permit fees, department rates and fees, costs and fees associated with personnel or resources provided to your event by a city department, program or division, as well as fines that may be assessed by the city for the cost to repair and/or restore any public property damaged by an event receiving benefits under the provisions of the Special Events Ordinance.

Reserving Event Venue Space

If you plan to hold your event on a city athletic field or at a city park you will submit your proposed dates for your desired venue when you submit your Special Event Permit Application.  Prior to submitting, you should check with the Special Event Coordinator to make sure your proposed dates at your proposed venue are not already reserved. If your event will take place on property other than city facilities, you are required to secure written authorization to use your desired venue from the property owner prior to submitting your Special Event Permit Application.

Special Events Calendar

The Recreation and Special Events Department maintains the City Calendar of Special Events that details community events scheduled to take place on public and commercial property. Information contained in your permit application may be used in developing the Calendar of Special Events. Click the link to learn: How to sign up for email and calendar event reminders (PDF).

Events are added to the calendar from permit applications as they are approved. Because the application submission time requirement is as few as fourteen (14) days prior to an event, some special events may not be listed until the week in which they are scheduled to occur. If you cannot find information about an event in the current year, review the events that occurred during the prior year. Most events held in one year will repeat again, usually within the same time frame and sponsored by the same organization .

The calendar is not intended as a promotional vehicle for private events or for events held on private or commercial property even though the event may be sponsored by a non-profit organization and open to the public. The City of Peachtree City reserves the right to determine the events and content included in the Calendar of Events .

Vendors must have Occupational Tax Permit

City of Peachtree City Municipal Code Section 74-36 states that no person shall engage in any business, trade calling, or occupation until a certificate of payment is obtained. Self-employed persons and independent contractors are also required to pay an Occupational Tax. Additional information can be obtained at City Hall 770.487.7657 or the Business License and Occupational Tax webpage.

Event Cancellation

If you cancel or reschedule the date of your proposed event or any permitted elements of the event, you must notify the Recreation and Special Events Department in writing no less than 72 hours in advance of the set-up time for your event. Should personnel or other resources be dispatched to support your proposed event or an event activity that has been cancelled, the Host Organization will be assessed the cost of the services provided.

Final Permit

The final permit issued by the City of Peachtree City is valid only for the venue area(s) and event activities, including set-up and dismantle, depicted on your site plan and as described in the Special Event Permit Application and any attachment and/or amendments made to the application during the review process. The City of Peachtree City may place conditions or not approve all venue areas and/or activities requested in the permit application. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the permit, additional requirements of the City, or requirements established in the Special Event Planning Guide may result in the immediate cancellation of the event, denial of future special event permit applications or the requirement of a cash deposit or security bond.

Official Information

Your special event permit application, along with documents, plans and information you submit to support the application, will be used by the City of Peachtree City for official city purposes only. To that extent, the city seeks to maintain the confidentiality of the information submitted to encourage complete and proper disclosures so that fully informed decisions can be made by the city regarding the issuance of special event permits. Furthermore, the city seeks to protect legitimate interests in the privacy of applicants business dealings and relationships as well as taking reasonable precautions to protect public safety at all times. Therefore, as a general matter, such information shall not be provided except as set forth in this section or as required by state or federal law.

The city recognizes that the public has a legitimate interest in possessing information concerning special events, particularly as they directly relate to potential impacts of the event on the surrounding area. In this regard, the following information on your special event permit application and any attachments and supporting documents included thereto are subject to public disclosure: Event Title; Event Summary; Name and Contact Information for the Host Organization and Designated Primary Contact; Website Address of the Host Organization; Dates and Times of the Event; Projected Attendance/Participants; Location of the Event; Participation/Attendance Fee(s); Additional Listed Public Contacts; Community Outreach Efforts; and Signature Page. In addition, the final permit issued by the city and any invoices for city services as well as other rates/fees charged by the City and documentation regarding payments made to the City in connection with a special event are subject to public disclosure.

Facility Templates

City Hall Plaza/Drake Field/Picnic Park

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