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City Ordinances Vs. Deeds & Covenants
What Code Enforcement Official can enforce, and what they do not
The Peachtree City Code Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcing Municipal Codes of the City of Peachtree City. Those codes may be adopted from National and International Codes developed for general use or created by Peachtree City staff for specific issues that pertain to the City. The main purpose of these codes is to protect the health, safety and welfare of all residents and visitors of Peachtree City. The Code Enforcement Division DOES NOT enforce deed and covenant restrictions.

 City Ordinance Violations  Deed and Covenant Restrictions 
A law passed by the City Council and codified in the City’s Code of Ordinances enforced through the City.  A rule imposed by a developer/builder specific to a limited number of properties within a subdivision. 
Enforced by City Code Enforcement Division.  Enforced by active home owner associations or individuals under the same restrictions. 
Punishable by a fine of up to $1,000.00 and or six months in the Fayette County jail.  Punishable as determined by the HOA or in the event of an individual filing a civil claim in court, as determined by the Small Claims Court judge. 
Notice of Violations or Stop Work Orders provided prior to citation in non-aggravated circumstances.  Warnings as determined by HOA 

Some examples of issues that people generally believe to be code violations but are not are: 
  • Colors of homes
  • Trailers and campers must be screened from public view
  • Placement of child play structures such as swing sets, trampolines, basketball goals
  • Parking in the street (unless specifically marked)
  • Types of fencing
  • Trimming of Shrubbery or additional plantings