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Things To Know Before You Start
Hints Before You Start
Here are some helpful hints to make the building process go smoothly in Peachtree City:
  • Know the city’s ordinances, especially as they relate to trees, landscaping and buffers.Many of these can be found online by accessing the City’s Land Development Ordinance.
  • Apply for your permits! Permit forms are available at the Building Department, or can be found online.The permit forms are required for ANY building (residential, commercial, even a fence, pool or addition!).Many people are surprised when they are cited for building without a permit – don’t be one of them!
  • Make sure you have your permits BEFORE you start!Just because a permit application has been RECEIVED does not automatically mean it is APPROVED.You MUST have written notice from the Building Department and post it prominently on your building site.
  • Keep your site clean!Improper silt fencing and drainage can prove both costly for you and for the environment.
  • Ask questions!Our planning and building department staffs are here to assist you before you have to spend money fixing a costly mistake.