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Tree Removal

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 Frequently Asked Questions

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When is a Tree Removal Permit Required?

No permit is required for trimming tree limbs, also called 'limbing' or 'raising'. 

Tree Removal Permit is required to remove any tree 6" or greater in diameter.

Trees that are less than six (6) inches in diameter may be removed without obtaining a Tree Removal Permit, but only if these
trees are not located within a designated tree save and landscape buffer, wetland buffer, stream buffer, watershed protection
buffer, conservation easement, etc.  These areas can be clearly identified on the plat for your property.

Specimen Trees are Protected

What is a specimen tree?
Specimen trees are protected by Peachtree City’s ordinance.  Specimen trees are:






12” and larger

Any tree that loses its leaves in the fall.

Maple, Oak, Sweet Gum


10” and larger

Any tree that is green all year.

Pine, Spruce, Cypress


6” and larger

Any tree that grows underneath the canopy of a hardwood or softwood tree.

Dogwood, Redbud

Can I remove a specimen tree from my property?
Specimen trees may only be removed if one of the following conditions is met:

  • The tree is dead or dying or is diseased
  • The tree is in the direct area where construction is approved by a building permit.  Examples include: pool, garage, driveway, home addition, etc.Landscaping such as sod or hardscape is not considered a construction area unless a building permit is required. 
  • The tree poses an immediate life safety hazard
  • The tree prevents vehicular access or access to utilities where no viable alternative is available

If the tree is healthy, we recommend that you consult with a certified arborist or urban forester to discuss proper pruning and care.

How Do I Get a Tree Removal Permit?

Submit an Application
  1. Completed Tree Removal Permit application signed by both the property owner and the tree removal contractor.
  2. Include a list of the trees to be removed, including diameter, species, location on the property, reason for requesting removal, and distance from a property line
  3. Provide a schematic drawing of the property showing the location of each tree to be removed. The City may require a tree survey when trees to be removed are located within 5’ of the adjoining property line.
  4. Provide photo documentation of each tree to be removed. Each tree must be visibly marked. The City may require an arborist letter if death/disease is not evident to a layperson from the provided photos.
  5. Written authorization from the Homeowner’s Association (HOA), if applicable.

An application for a Tree Removal Permit may be submitted in person or via e-mail to .  Electronic submittals are preferred and will expedite the review process.

Tree Removal Permit
Peachtree City Planning & Development Department
153 Willowbend Road
Peachtree City, GA  30269
p)  770.487.5731

Pre-Approved Tree Removal Contractors

 Download Tree Contractor List

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In accordance with the city's tree removal ordinance, companies desiring to remove trees within the city limits must provide the City with a copy of their current Occupational Tax Certificate, their insurance declaration page, and worker's compensation declaration.  Once this information is received, they will be added to the list of approved contractors.  

The companies on the City's Tree Contractor List have provided this information and are approved to remove trees within the City.  Please note a company's name appearing on this list is by no means an endorsement from the City.  

Homeowners are responsible for and are encouraged to ask prospective contractors for a list of references, a copy of both their general liability and workers compensation insurance policies, and other pertinent information as deemed necessary prior to allowing a contractor to bring equipment on and/ or remove trees from your property.