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Lake McIntosh:
The Fayette County Water Service Sent a letter dated October 22, 2008. It details information about the proposed lake and surrounding land. It also provides notice of a public meeting.

Peachtree City Engineer Dave Borkowski attended the public meeting on December 17, 2008. These are his notes.

Lake McIntosh preliminary map.

Lake Shore Buffers:
The Peachtree City Community Service Staff held a public workshop on Tuesday, February 13, 2007, to review proposed changes to City Ordinances relating to buffers, greenbelts, and protected areas adjacent to Peachtree City’s lakes.

In 2006, the Council reviewed numerous violations of encroachment into the protected areas around the lakes and requested that, as one of the first steps in addressing the issue, the ordinances be revised to clarify definitions of buffers and other types of protected areas that may be platted on individual property owners’ lots.

The meeting reviewed these proposed changes, however, after this meeting there were several legal questions about property owners vested rights. The public, especially residents owning property within 100 feet of Lakes Peachtree, Kedron and McIntosh are encouraged to read this memo prepared by the City Attorney.

For further information, please contact Dave Borkowski at 770-631-2538.

Legal Memo: 
Lake Buffers\Vested Rights (as of July 16, 2010)

Lakes Kedron and Peachtree greenbelts and buffers as platted from August 2006 presentation
Article X Water Resource Protection presentation from February 2007